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‘Lady Chinky Eyes’: Papa John’s Store Calls Woman Racial Slur In Receipt

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

(Huffington Post) Minhee Cho went to Papa John's for some fast food goodness. Little did she know, she would get it served with a side of racism.

At around 12:30 p.m. today, Papa John's customer Minhee Cho tweeted a photo of a receipt she received at a Papa John's restaurant in uptown, New York City.

In it, under the customer's name section, the restaurant employee who rang up the order used the racial slur "lady chinky eyes" to describe her.

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Did slavery cause rapid natural selection among African Americans?

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

(io9) Ashley Michelle Williams has a fascinating article over at theGrio about a recent study that offers evidence that the harsh conditions of slavery subjected the African American population to strong evolutionary pressures. This could help explain what appear to be recent mutations in the genomes of African Americans. Williams writes:

Researchers found that of the African-American genomes in their sample, only 22 percent of the DNA analyzed came from Europeans. The remaining DNA was found to come from purely African ancestors, a finding in alignment with previous discoveries.

The main result of the study was that certain disease-causing variant genes were found to have become more common in African-Americans after their ancestors reached American shores — possibly because they presented greater benefits, according to an article published by the team in Genome Research.

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Asian Americans In University Of California System Decrease, Replaced By Students From China

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

(Huffington Post) As the University of California looks to shore up its shaky financial situation in the face of decreased funding from Sacramento, the system's effort to increase the proportion of out-of-state students has had an interesting effect–pushing out Asian American students at the expense of Chinese ones.

According to a Bloomberg report, in the years since administrators instructed U.C. San Diego to bring in more out-of-state students, the number of Chinese students enrolled at the Southern California university has seen a twelve-fold increase.

During the same period, the total number of Asian American students in the entire system decreased by just under 30 percent.

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Democrats put convention money in local, minority-owned banks

Monday, January 9th, 2012

(News Observer) The Democrats are trying to make their national convention into more than just a four-day coronation of President Barack Obama in Charlotte next September. They want to turn it into a statewide event that will help keep North Carolina blue.

That was evident Wednesday, when the CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee arrived in Durham to drop off $2 million in deposits each with the Mechanics and Farmers Bank and the Latino Community Credit Union.

The money is part of $17 million in public funding the Democrats have received – the Republicans have received a like amount – to help pay for their convention. The Democrats have made it a practice to deposit some of the money in minority-owned financial institutions.

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Black Actresses: Where Are the Good Roles?

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

(The Root) Is Hollywood backsliding when it comes to providing high-quality, realistic roles for African-American women? According to the veteran black film and TV actresses, industry insiders and everyday observers the Daily Beast's Allison Samuels talked to in a piece exploring the issue, the outlook doesn't look great. Check out some highlights of the piece here:

Kim Wayans: I didn’t think we’d still be having this same conversation so many years later … The 90s were so bright and promising for people of color in Hollywood, and I for one thought it would only get better with the chance for me and other black actresses to portray any number of characters and in all types of stories.

Debbie Allen: I remember in the 80s when my sister Phylicia (Rashad) was on the The Cosby Show and I was on Fame, girl, you couldn’t tell me that it wasn’t a brand new day for black women and the way we were portrayed in film and television … No one could have told me we’d go in the complete reverse in the decades to come.

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The Benefits of a Hispanic-Owned Franchise

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

(QSR Magazine) The franchise business model is an attractive option for Hispanics and other minorities to consider owning, because it is a strong avenue to take for financial success. According to the 2007 Franchised Business Ownership survey conducted by the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Educational Foundation, minorities made up 19.3 percent of all franchisees, and Hispanic-owned franchises were 5.8 percent of the total. And the survey reported that Hispanic franchisees prefer owning quick-serve restaurants.

The quick-service industry should see this as an excellent opportunity to tap into the Hispanic demographic, and minorities in general. The Hispanic population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, makes up 15.1 percent of the population. It is estimated that this figure will double by the year 2050. Statistically, Hispanics are the fastest-growing population in the U.S.

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Wage Theft Shatters American Dream for Many Low-Income Immigrants

Friday, January 6th, 2012

(Voice of America) Eight years ago, “Mrs. Kim” came to the United States from China “to pursue her American Dream,” but thanks to unscrupulous business practices familiar to many Asian immigrants working in low-wage industries, things went horribly wrong.

Kim, who did not want to use her real name because she is still involved in litigation, began life in the U.S. preparing dumplings and side dishes at a Korean restaurant in Bergen County, New Jersey.

The job went well for a few years. It was hard, but Kim was getting paid for her efforts.

“When I first started working, [the owner] agreed to pay me $600 per week,” she said. “Specific hours were not indicated, but she did indicate I would have to work over 12 hours per day.”

Though she worked as many as 17 hours a day, when the restaurant’s business started to decline, the owner began paying employees late or not paying them at all.

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Latino-Owned Businesses Increase And Give Boost to Economic Growth In The U.S.

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

(Huffington Post) There's no argument that 2011 was a tough year for Latinos but their might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Despite a stubborn unemployment rate for Latinos reaching 11.4 percent last month, Hispanic-owned businesses are growing at more than double the national rate, according to reports by the U.S. Census Bureau.

According to Forbes, this trend has been sustained for at least the last decade and manifests itself both in the growing number and size of Latino-owned businesses. During the latest 5-year period for which information is available from the Census Bureau, revenue from Latino owned businesses jumped by an astonishing 55 percent to nearly $350 billion.

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Poll watcher: Republican problems with Hispanic voters larger than ever

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

(Washington Post) Four years ago in Iowa, Republican caucus-goers chose illegal immigration as the most important issue facing the country. The issue of how to deal with more than 10 million unauthorized immigrants is not playing a central role in the 2012 GOP race. But fresh numbers from the Pew Hispanic Center reveal that Republicans have made little progress since 2008 in courting a fast-growing Hispanic voting bloc, two-thirds of whom voted for Barack Obama.

In their basic political party identification – the continental plates of American politics – 67 percent of Hispanics identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, compared with 20 percent who lean toward Republicans. The 47-point Democratic advantage is larger than at any point in more than a decade of polls, including 2008, when 26 percent of Hispanics sided with the Republican Party. As we noted Thursday, Obama leads Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney by 68 to 23 percent among Hispanic voters in a hypothetical general election match-up.

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Increasing diversity redefining America’s Jewry

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

(CNN) "But you don’t look Jewish," Jen Chau remembers being told often as a child.

But then again, what is a Jew supposed to look like? The usual implication in those words was that it was not supposed to look like Chau, who was raised Jewish by her European-American mother and Chinese father.

"I still think society's idea of a Jew is someone who looks like Jerry Seinfeld or Woody Allen," said Chau, 34. "They don’t look at someone like me and think, 'Oh, she could be Jewish.'"

But the face of Judaism in America is changing, as the community becomes more diverse through intermarriage, adoption, immigration and conversion.

The nonprofit group Be'chol Lashon – the name means "in every tongue" in Hebrew – is trying to foster an expanded definition of Jewishness, one that includes the diverse backgrounds of Jews around the globe.

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