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Trice: Before ‘Linsanity,’ 2 Asian-American brothers were a fixture on the court

Monday, March 5th, 2012

(Chicago Tribune) When Drew Lee and his younger brother Joe were in elementary school in the mid-1990s, they would sneak to the park during the summer to spend long hours playing basketball. Their parents were deeply involved with their Christian ministry and initially had no idea.

At the park, the brothers stood out for several reasons: They were little, just 7 and 9 years old, scrappy and tireless. They, and a friend, also were the only Asian-Americans on the courts.

"Sometimes camp counselors (at the park) would see us out there so much, and they didn't want to just kick us off the court, so they invited us to play against their players and do drills," said Drew, 26, who's Korean-American. "We learned a lot and it boosted our confidence."

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Chicago Latinos push for Affirmative Action in Police Dept.

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

( Latino civil rights groups met with the Chicago Police Department on Friday to discuss the lack of minority hires in the department. Over 70 percent of Chicago residents are minorities, but only 40 percent of police dept. employees in Chicago are from minority backgrounds. There are particularly not many Latino hires.

One of the solutions would be to get rid of some written tests that many Blacks and Latinos don’t pass. Juan Becerra from the Chicago Police Department says that the test is difficult for many Blacks and Latinos who don’t have the proper education that their White counterparts have.

‘Asian Playboy’ Teaches Asian Men to Get Over Racial Stereotypes, Build Confidence

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

(ABCNews, Juju Chang) Jeremy Lin has dunked and dazzled his way toward shattering the Asian geek stereotype — good at math, not good with the ladies.

Growing up Asian-American, my sisters and I were painfully aware of the biases, but it was worse for my brother.

But "Asian beefcake" has become hot in Hollywood too, with "Glee's" Harry Shum, Jr., "Hawaii 5-0's" Daniel Dae Kim, and Ken Jeong in "Community" and "The Hangover" films.

Enter JT Tran, the self-styled "Asian Playboy," who has built an empire from hosting dating seminars for single Asian men, who pay thousands of dollars to learn the art of romance from him.

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Hispanics face massive income gap in every major market

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

( Hispanic Americans confront an income gap of at least 35 percent in every major metropolitan area across the nation.

That's the disparity between per capita incomes for whites and Hispanics in 95 large metros, according to an On Numbers analysis of federal data.

Los Angeles is the worst market for Hispanic earning power, despite the fact that two of every five residents in the region are Hispanic. The income gap in L.A. is 67.2 percent. Canton, Ill., is dead-last among markets of all sizes, with a disparity of 82.5 percent.

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Life Expectancy Disparities Revealed By Study

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

(Medical News Today) A UCLA-led group of researchers tracing disparities in life expectancy between blacks and whites in the U.S. has found that white males live about seven years longer on average than African American men and that white women live more than five years longer than their black counterparts.

But when comparing life expectancy on a state-by-state basis, the researchers made a surprising discovery: In those states in which the disparities were smallest, the differences often were not the result of African Americans living longer but of whites dying younger than the national average. And, interestingly, the area with the largest disparities wasn't a state at all but the nation's capital, Washington D.C.

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George Lopez To Star In And Produce Comedy Series For Debmar-Mercury

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

( George Lopez is returning to the family sitcom genre. I’ve learned that Lopez, star, co-creator and executive producer of multi-camera sitcom George Lopez, which ran on ABC for six seasons and 120 episodes, has closed a deal in principal with Lionsgate TV subsidiary Debmar-Mercury to co-create and star in a new multi-camera comedy about a Latino family. Lopez will executive produce the series with his manager, 3 Arts’ Michael Rotenberg.

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