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Latino orgs demand Kaiser apology

Saturday, September 29th, 2012


(Politico) A coalition of 30 national Latino organizations is calling on Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser to apologize for cursing at Felix Sanchez, the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts chairman, after the nonprofit criticized the Kennedy Center Honors for not recognizing more Latinos.

In a statement Wednesday, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda called on Kennedy Center Chairman David Rubenstein to force Kaiser to apologize.

“There is no excuse for Mr. Kaiser’s outburst and it should not and cannot be tolerated,” states National Council of La Raza President and CEO Janet Murguia. “He profoundly disrespected our colleague Felix Sanchez and the Latino community, a community that merits inclusion and fairness, not insults, when it comes to one of the nation’s highest cultural honors. At the very least, Kaiser owes Mr. Sanchez and our community a sincere apology and it is our hope that the Kennedy Center will take disciplinary action in light of such unacceptable behavior.”

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How Is There Still Racial Profiling in the ‘Post-Racial’ Age of Obama

Friday, September 28th, 2012

(Huffington Post) The election of Barack Obama, the nation's first African American president, just four years ago, signaled a turning point in the nation's struggle for racial equality. 

Many of us who have spent years fighting for racial equality will never forget how overjoyed we were on Election Day when we realized our dreams had become reality. Finally, after centuries of struggle, it seemed that a candidate's race would no longer bar them from the highest political office in the United States.

But some have mistaken the age of Obama for some post-racial utopia where race no longer matters.

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America’s Most Notorious Sheriff Got Smacked Down In Court

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

(Business Insider) Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio, best known for his fights with undocumented immigrants, received quite a blow Tuesday from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


The federal appeals court ruled Arpaio can't detain suspects based only on his belief they are here illegally, Courthouse News Service reported Wednesday.

Arpaio has garnered his fair share of headlines in the past for his harsh stance on fighting illegal immigration.

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Voting laws may disenfranchise 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens: study

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

(Reuters) – New voting laws in 23 of the 50 states could keep more than 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens from registering and voting, a new study said on Sunday, a number so large it could affect the outcome of the November 6 election.

The Latino community accounts for more than 10 percent of eligible voters nationally. But the share in some states is high enough that keeping Hispanic voters away from the polls could shift some hard-fought states from support for Democratic President Barack Obama and help his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

The new laws include purges of people suspected of not being citizens in 16 states that unfairly target Latinos, the civil rights group Advancement Project said in the study to be formally released on Monday.

Laws in effect in one state and pending in two others require proof of citizenship for voter registration. That imposes onerous and sometimes expensive documentation requirements on voters, especially targeting naturalized American citizens, many of whom are Latino, the liberal group said.

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Advertisers aren’t tapping into strong African American market, report says

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

(Washington Post) Even after absorbing a devastating economic hit from the Great Recession, black consumers remain a potent force but are often overlooked by advertisers, according to anew research report.

African Americans are projected to have a combined spending power of $1.1 trillion by 2015, according to the report released on Friday by the market-research firm Nielsen and the National Newspaper Publishers Association, which represents 200 black-oriented newspapers.

As a group, African Americans have a set of spending habits and brand loyalty that should be attractive to advertisers. More than other demographic groups, blacks tend to buy “brand-name” products, watch television and spend time shopping or frequenting fast-food restaurants, the report said.

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Pennsylvania State Court Cops Out on Voter ID Law

Monday, September 24th, 2012


(The Atlantic) Different people will label differently Tuesday's voter identification ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. By a vote of 4-2, the Justices in the end decided not to uphold or strike down the controversial measure but rather to send the case back down to the trial judge to evaluate whether state election officials there were implementing it in a way that fairly ensures that "alternate identification cards" are being handed out "liberally" to ensure that no registered Pennsylvanian is disenfranchised by the new state-photo-ID requirement.

Some will call the ruling a "compromise," an act of judicial modesty, which buys state officials two more weeks to prove they can fairly implement the new measure. Indeed, this is likely how the Court's majority, in its unsigned opinion, wants posterity to judge this 7-page opinion. Even though the Justices expressed concern about "the disconnect between what the law prescribes and how is it being implemented," even though they acknowledged that the new law may be unconstitutional as applied today, they refused to strike down the measure.

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Undocumented Latinos in Arizona fear for children as key clause takes effect

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012


(The Guardian) Latinos living without immigration papers in Arizona have begun bombarbing helplines and lawyers' offices with anxious requests about how to provide for their children should they be arrested under a controversial new police power that came into effect this week.

A phone line hosted by the Arizona branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has received almost 4,000 calls in just two days, many from anxious parents who fear that their children could be left abandoned should they be picked up under the so-called 'show-me-your-papers' provision. Hundreds have been asking for help setting up a "power of attorney", which gives a relative or friend who has US citizenship the right to care for minors in such an eventuality.

"People are terrified. They fear that they will go to the store to buy groceries and won't get home and their kids will be left alone at school," said Luz Santiago, a pastor in Mesa. She said she has personally handled about 50 requests for power of attorney since Tuesday.

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Diversity Roundup: Study Finds Racial Segregation Rampant in U.S. Schools

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

(National Journal) Racial, Socioeconomic Segregation Still Rampant in Schools: Despite a younger generation that’s becoming increasingly diverse, our nation’s schools are still woefully segregated: White students remain  concentrated in schools with other whites while blacks and Latinos are often isolated in their own schools, according to a study as reported on by the New York Times. Black or Latino students are twice as likely as white or Asian students to attend schools where its majority are poor children, the study shows.

Black Male Graduation Rate Still Lags Behind Others: The majority of young black men who earned their high school diplomas did so in four years, a major improvement for this racial cohort yet their numbers still lagged behind their white counterparts, according to a report cited by USA Today. The report found that 52 percent of male black students graduated from high school in four years, compared to 58 percent of Hispanic males and 78 percent of white, non-Hispanics.

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Feds accuse North Carolina sheriff’s office of racial profiling

Friday, September 21st, 2012


(CNN) North Carolina pastor Otoniel Recinos has been offering an unusual warning these days to members of his church: Don't drive in nearby Alamance County. It's not safe, he warns them, because of the sheriff's department.

A two-year Justice Department investigation backs up what Recinos and other Latinos in the region say they've known for a long time: Traffic stops by Alamance County sheriff's deputies are sometimes part of a "pattern of racial profiling" aimed at searching for illegal immigrants, according to a statement this week by Thomas E. Perez, the assistant U.S. attorney general for the civil rights division.

Sheriff Terry S. Johnson has used offensive language when talking to Spanish speakers, the statement said, describing them as "Taco eaters."

Deputies were between four to 10 times more likely to stop Latino drivers for traffic violations than non-Latinos, the Justice Department said. Many of the stops took place at traffic checkpoints organized by deputies near Hispanic communities. Latinos were arrested for violations, while others got only warnings or citations, the department said.

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Comcast launches MultiLatino triple play for Hispanic market Read more: Comcast launches MultiLatino triple play for Hispanic market

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

(Rapid TV News) Leading US pay-TV provider Comcast is targeting the Hispanic community with what it says is the first triple-play offer targeted specifically to that demographic. 

The cable MSO has launched the Xfinity Triple Play MultiLatino service, which includes high-speed Internet services, home phone and the MultiLatino TV video tier.

The packages start at $99 per month. The Spanish-language networks in the package include Discovery Familia, Galavision, ESPN Deportes, Gol TV, Mun2, Cine Latino, Bandamax, TV Dominicana, WAPA America, TV Chile, TV Colombia, SUR Peru, TV Venezuela, Argentina's Telefe Internacional and Ecuador's Ecuavisa Internacional.

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