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Government-sponsored listing of minority owned businesses


Here is a listing of minority owned businesses that have been certified by federal, state, or local government agencies.




U.S. Small Business Administration



Alaska DBE

California DBE

California PUC MBE

Colorado DBE

Connecticut DBE

Delaware DBE (PDF)

Florida DBE

Florida MBE

Georgia DBE

Georgia MBE

Hawaii DBE (PDF)

Idaho DBE

Illinois DBE

Indiana DBE

Indiana MBE

Iowa DBE (PDF)


Kentucky DBE (PDF)

Maine DBE (PDF)

Maryland MBE/DBE

Massachusetts MBE

Michigan DBE

Minnesota DBE

Mississippi DBE

Missouri DBE (PDF)

Missouri MBE

Montana DBE

Nebraska DBE

Nevada DBE

New Hampshire DBE

New Mexico DBE

New York DBE

North Carolina DBE

North Carolina MBE

North Dakota DBE

Ohio DBE (PDF)

Oklahoma DBE

Rhode Island MBE

South Carolina DBE

South Dakota DBE


Utah DBE

Vermont DBE

Washington DBE/MBE

Wisconsin DBE



Austin MBE

Baltimore MBE

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) DBE

Boston MBE

Chicago MBE

Detroit MBE (PDF)

Duke University MBE (North Carolina) (PDF)

Kansas City MBE

Los Angeles MBE

San Francisco MBE

Washington DC DBE


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