Skinhead white supremacist beat unconscious after duel with African American boxer

(Huliq) The skinhead, Daren C. Abbey told Baker to get out of the club because blacks weren’t allowed there. Abbey has nazi swastikas and tattoos with racist symbols all over his upper body.

Baker, who was sporting a tee-shirt that read “Spokane Boxing Club Champion” on the back of it made his way out of the bar. Only to be followed by Abbey.

Baker left the bar because he didn’t want a confrontation. None of the reports describing the incident say if Baker or Abbey were accompanied by others.

Abbey made a few more racial slurs outside of the bar and pushed Baker. In turn, Baker punched Abbey in the face once knocking him out cold. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Abbey was arrested and booked on battery charges and felony malicious harassment once he regained consciousness.

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