Will Latino Entrepreneurs Help Rewrite California History?

(Forbes) Recently, a colleague of mine and I drove down Highway 101 – a scenic route that runs roughly parallel to the historic El Camino Real, the royal Spanish road – from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles, absorbing all the differences between north and south. There are different climates, different cultures, differentvibes. Midway down the coast – at Pismo Beach, a beautiful, hippyish, run-down beach town – we stopped for a meal.   It felt neither here nor there, but somewhere awesome in between.

I was reminded of that trip a couple of days ago when I learned there are two events this week that challenge our notions of north and south.  The first, in San Francisco, was Hispanicize HX, a technology event that – with the help of the super socially savvy LAM network – had a Hollywood kind of vibe.  And later today, the folks at Manos (a new accelerator serving the Latino tech community) are gathering a pretty big crowd in Hollywood for an event that has a subtle Silicon Valley vibe.   The manner of transport also helps to tell the story.  The Manos team hired a bus to take them from San Jose down the coast, exporting their IP via the path once used by the Spanish court.

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