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Skinhead white supremacist beat unconscious after duel with African American boxer

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

(Huliq) The skinhead, Daren C. Abbey told Baker to get out of the club because blacks weren’t allowed there. Abbey has nazi swastikas and tattoos with racist symbols all over his upper body.

Baker, who was sporting a tee-shirt that read “Spokane Boxing Club Champion” on the back of it made his way out of the bar. Only to be followed by Abbey.

Baker left the bar because he didn’t want a confrontation. None of the reports describing the incident say if Baker or Abbey were accompanied by others.

Abbey made a few more racial slurs outside of the bar and pushed Baker. In turn, Baker punched Abbey in the face once knocking him out cold. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Abbey was arrested and booked on battery charges and felony malicious harassment once he regained consciousness.

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More diversity training urged at Santa Monica High after incident

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

(Los Angeles Times) School district officials say an alleged hate crime targeting a black student at Santa Monica High School remained under investigation and recommended that the Santa Monica-Malibu School District Board of Education redouble its efforts in diversity training.

The school district also should "ensure that all necessary and appropriate support is provided to the student(s) who were adversely affected by the May incident, and their families, during the summer and upcoming school year," the agenda for Thursday night's school board meeting stated.

Outgoing Supt. Tim Cuneo recommended the board increase its diversity training efforts in its professional development programs for administrators and staff and reevaluate the curriculum in regard to race and ethnicity.

According to the student's account given to authorities, he walked into the wrestling room at the school on May 4 and saw a brown wrestling mannequin with a noose around its neck.

He said he was then restrained by two boys who chained his pants to a locker. Classmates also made racially charged remarks, the student said.

Some community activists decried the incident, calling for hate-crime charges to be filed. But others said the incident has been blown out of proportion.

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Black student chained to locker, finds noose around dummy in alleged racial bullying incident

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

(Los Angeles Times) An African American student at Santa Monica High School says fellow members of the wrestling team chained him to a locker and hung a noose around a brown wrestling dummy.

The alleged racial incident is being investigated by Santa Monica police and school officials, who sent an email to parents earlier this month calling it a "serious matter that warranted a swift and appropriate response." The students accused were given "appropriate disciplinary consequences, including suspension," Principal Hugo A. Pedroza said in the email to parents.

The student and his mother, Victoria Gray, reported the incident to police on June 21. The incident happened more than a month ago, but Gray told The Times she was never notified by the school and didn't find out about the incident until May 31, when she heard about it from a parent she did not know.

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African American soldier says noose strung outside barracks

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

(Reuters) Racial slurs and a noose strung up outside his barracks were among the alleged harassment an African American war veteran said he was subjected to while serving in Afghanistan, according to a complaint filed this week.

Specialist Adam Jarrell, the only African American in a unit of 216 soldiers of the New Mexico Army National Guard, told Reuters on Tuesday that his complaints to superiors were not only ignored, but resulted in increased harassment.

“It’s dangerous when the only people you can count on are the people hanging nooses outside your room, telling you they hate you because you’re black,” said Jarrell, 23, a Sheriff’s deputy in Hobbs, New Mexico, who has been with the National Guard since 2006. He arrived home in New Mexico a year ago.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico filed the racial discrimination complaint with the federal Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Justice asking for an investigation.

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Chinese American man beaten by Korean Americans in alleged hate-crime attack, authorities say

Friday, February 25th, 2011

(Los Angeles Times) Two Korean Americans were in jail Thursday, two others were released on bail and two more were being sought in connection with the robbery and assault of a Chinese American man in Diamond Bar in what authorities described as a hate crime.

The Feb. 6 incident began when the 25-year-old victim placed an order for takeout at a Korean restaurant in the 18300 block of East Colima Road in Rowland Heights, said Sgt. Steven Kim of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s Asian Gang Team.

A group of seven Korean American men were eating inside the restaurant when one of them approached the victim, whose name was not released, and asked if he was Korean. He responded that he was Chinese and shortly after received his order and left the restaurant.

The man who had approached the victim followed him outside, accompanied by five other men. Once outside, the suspects began beating the victim with their hands and feet “for no apparent reason,” Kim said.

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California: Suspected White Supremacists Charged with Hate Crime Against Latino Man

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

(Hispanically Speaking) Police officers have brought up two men on hate crime charges after witnesses say they attacked a Latino man inside a bar in Sunnyvale, California. As officers took their photos, one of the men, not at all phased by the arrest, through his right arm out in a Nazi salute, said the police report.

Prosecutors for Santa Clara County have charged, Andrew Lane, 23, and Justin Cash 29 with a hate crime that occurred on the night of November 15th, 2010.

Upon entering Sporty’s Bikini Bar in Sunnyvale, Lane and Cash, already drunk, spotted the Latino man talking to a waitress. In what witnesses say was an unprovoked attack, the two men attacked the Latino man. Three witnesses say they saw Cash hit the victim in the head with a cue ball, as the he and Lane shouted racial slurs at the man. The witnesses also said they heard Cash yell, “How’s it feel to be hit by a white boy?”

Chief assistant district attorney Jay Boyarsky said, “Hate crimes are the most un-American of crimes. They are an attack on our core fundamental American values. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

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Vincent Chin’s murder 28 years ago marked as birth of Asian American civil rights movement

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

(C & G News) Twenty-eight years after Vincent Chin’s brutal murder shook metro Detroit, the city of Ferndale offered some closure to all those affected by the hate crime to this day.

On Dec. 22, city officials joined leaders from the Asian-American community to honor Chin’s memory and celebrate the civil rights movement that was spawned by his killing. The ceremony was capped off with the dedication of the State Bar of Michigan’s 34th legal milestone marker, which was installed in the median just north of Nine Mile Road on Woodward Avenue.

“We are here today for some unfinished business,” said Mayor Craig Covey as he took the podium inside the nearby Post Bar, 22828 Woodward Ave.

According to Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, outreach coordinator for the Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan, Chin’s murder led directly to the galvanization of the Asian-American community and later prompted a series of far-reaching legal reforms.

“Before I came to Michigan in 1988,” she said, “the only thing I knew about Michigan is that it was the place where Vincent Chin was killed.”

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Reported Hate Crime Drop Sharply, But Data Is Limited

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

(Huffington Post) Hate crime incidents reported to the police in the United States decreased sharply, by 15% in 2009 according to data released today by the FBI. There were 6,604 incidents in 2009 down from 7783 the year before when a 2.1% increase was reported. The 2009 numbers appear to be the lowest reported in at least a decade, where the figures since 2002 have generally been in the 7,000-8,000 range. Last year’s rise was less than the increase in the number of agencies participating in the reporting program. The number of agencies participating in the data collection effort ( most of which reporting zero) increased in 2009. 14,422 agencies “participated” in the effort, up from 13,690 the year before, however, the number of agencies actually sending in incidents declined from 2145 (15.7% of agencies) in 2008 to 2,034 (14.1% of agencies) in 2009. A 2005 victimization study estimated that there are 191,000 hate crimes nationally, with most going unreported to police. Overall, non-hate crime declined about 5% last year.

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U.S. government heightens enforcement against hate crimes

Friday, November 5th, 2010

(Washington Post) Federal authorities are stepping up enforcement against hate crimes, filing charges in a racially motivated cross-burning and announcing the sentencing this week of a Massachusetts man for burning a predominantly African American church the morning after President Obama’s election.

Benjamin Haskell, 24, was sentenced Monday to nine years in prison for his role in torching the Macedonia Church of God in Christ in Springfield, Mass. The Nov. 5, 2008, arson nearly destroyed the building, and Haskell admitted in court documents that the crime was motivated by anger over Obama’s election.

In Arkansas, three men were indicted on charges of burning a cross in the yard of a black resident of a rural area, the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

Although the cases are not connected, they reflect heightened federal enforcement against hate crimes and other civil rights violations, a top priority of the Obama administration, officials said Wednesday.

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#latino gang member sentenced to death in #hatecrime killing of two.

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

(Los Angeles Times) A Los Angeles jury returned a death penalty verdict Monday for a 22-year-old Latino gang member convicted in the hate-crime killing of a 14-year-old black girl and a potential witness in Harbor Gateway.

Jonathan Fajardo, who was 18 at the time of the killings, nonchalantly looked around the courtroom as the verdict was read.

The jury found he should receive death for both of his first-degree murder convictions for the slayings of Cheryl Green and Christopher Ash.

Fajardo was eligible for the death penalty because the jury found true special circumstance allegations, including multiple murder, killing of a witness, committing a hate crime based on race and committing the crime for a gang.
Fajardo was a member of the 204th Street gang, which prosecutors said intimidated and attacked African Americans in the Harbor Gateway area of Los Angeles.

Green was gunned down in December 2006 as she stood on a driveway hanging out with friends when Fajardo walked up and opened fire at the group of young blacks.

Ash was found on a roadside two weeks later, stabbed more than 60 times.

Prosecutors said a group of gang members killed him because they suspected he was cooperating with authorities about Green’s death.

Green’s mother clutched her hands together tightly as the verdict was read and later wiped away tears.

“Justice was served for my baby,” she said afterward. “I feel her here right now.”

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