Elusive diversity (Baltimore Sun)

If you have trouble picturing the American melting pot, look no farther than the food court of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union. Watching University of Maryland students of every color flock to the noisy cafeteria, observers can almost see the undergraduate statistics in their heads: one-third minority, ranked 16th in the country for diversity by The Princeton Review.

But looking down from an upstairs balcony, the crowd is more a patchwork quilt of ethnic cliques than a jumbled stew of diversity. White, black, Latino and Asian-American groups sit isolated from each other at small tables. The pattern is virtually unbroken.

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One Response to “Elusive diversity (Baltimore Sun)”

  1. I think it is really weird that people are against the build of the mosque, as the planned building isn’t only a religious building. Heck, it welcomes everyone, and even a basketball playfield is planned to be built inside the building. A community center is a better word, and sounds less scary.

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