‘National catastrophe’ in education for African American males

(Buffalo News) The Council of Great City Schools today released a stark report detailing the status of young black males in the United States.

“The nation’s young black males are in a state of crisis,” the authors write. “This report is likely to make people angry, and it should. We hope that this is a louder and more jolting wake-up call to the nation than this country is used to hearing.”

Some of the key facts they cite:

- Black males are twice as likely to drop out of high school as white males.
- Ten percent of black males have a bachelor’s degree, compared to 18 percent of white males.
- White males who did not graduate from high school earn $5,000 a year more than black males who dropped out. White males with a master’s degree earned $20,000 more than black men with a master’s degree.

“A Call for Change: The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Black Males in Urban Schools” does more than detail the evidence of this “national catastrophe” — the authors of the study also lay out recommendations. Number One on their list: convene a White House conference on the status of black males, and develop a sweeping call to action.

Other recommendations include building a support network to mentor black males; increasing the number of black male counselors in schools across the country; and encouraging school districts to better target their programs and interventions for the needs of black males.

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  1. T Crowley says:

    God Helps Those That Help Themselves !

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