More African Americans choosing to home-school

(Chicago Tribune) The children sat placidly in their chairs, elbows on the table, eyes forward. One munched on a clementine. A group of younger children, ages 3 to 5, colored quietly in the back.

“We lost a woman who was very important to us,” announced Afrika Porter-Ollarvia. “Dr. Margaret Burroughs.”

What do the students know, she asked, about Burroughs? Several hands shot up, and answers popped out: “She was an artist!” “Her poems were famous!”

Welcome to the classroom of the Indigo Nation Homeschooler’s Association, where the curriculum is centered on African-American history, culture and language.

The 12 families who participate in the co-op meet once a week at the Grande Prairie Library in Hazel Crest, where they learn about the ancient art of African storytelling, lace their lessons with words in Swahili and talk about important role models in their culture, such as Burroughs, the co-founder of Chicago’s DuSable Museum who died in November.

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2 Responses to “More African Americans choosing to home-school”

  1. Lisa says:

    I think home schooling is a positive thing to do. So many immigrants are coming to the United States from all over and I believe it is taking away from our kids education. I have a young child and when she starts school i don’t want her going to a public school. I want her to learn and be all she can be.

  2. Clifford Tong says:

    Do you think the main reason the schools are so bad is because of immigrants?

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