Study Reveals Higher Risk of Breast Cancer In Ethnic Groups (eFluxMedia)

Minority women have a 65 percent chance of getting breast cancer, says a recent study conducted by the Northern California Cancer Center and Stanford University. Responsible for this alarming percentage is the BRCA1 gene, which appears to present abnormal mutations in Ashkenazi Jew women, as well as in Hispanic and African-American women, according to latest studies.

The new cancer research showed that although everyone carries the BRCA1 gene, it is not harmful in any way. On the contrary, it is responsible for making a protein that helps cells repair DNA. The problems appear though when the gene suffers a mutation, which will consequently increase the chance to produce cancer.

According to these studies, focused on multiracial subjects, 8.3 percent of the Ashkenazi Jew females with breast cancer have a mutated BRCA1 gene, while the prevalence of the mutation in other minorities, although not as big, still raises concerns: 3.5 percent for Hispanic women, 2.2 percent in non-Hispanic white women, 1.3 percent among African-American and 0.5 percent of Asian-Americans.

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