American Hispanics live longer than white Americans and African Americans

(Medical News Today) In the USA in 2006, life expectancy for Hispanics at birth was 80.6 years, 78.1 years for whites and 72.9 years for African-Americans. Life expectancy for the whole country, including all populations was 77.7 years. This phenomenon, of a significantly poorer ethnic group living longer than the supposedly top of the pile – American whites – has been labeled the “Hispanic Paradox” by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Dr. Delgado, CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, wrote in a communiqué:

“These findings show that risk factors are not deterministic and suggest that culture, family, and community may have a powerful positive impact on well-being. Our health models need to better incorporate the health experiences of all communities.”

All Hispanics have been included in this CDC study, those with no insurance or insufficient health coverage, high risk occupations, and individuals with lower incomes. The mortality advantage among Hispanics persists throughout all socioeconomic levels, the report informs.

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