NY man guilty of murder as #hatecrime in beating death of #hispanic immigrant

(NY Times) A 30-year-old man accused of beating an Ecuadorean immigrant to death on a Brooklyn street was convicted on Monday of murder as a hate crime.

A jury in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn delivered the verdict around 9 p.m., after seven hours of deliberations. The decision came at the end of a two-week retrial of Keith Phoenix on charges stemming from the 2008 murder of José Sucuzhañay.

Mr. Phoenix faces life in prison. In his first trial, which ended in May, the jury was deadlocked because of a holdout juror.

Prosecutors said that Mr. Phoenix and an accomplice, Hakim Scott, attacked Mr. Sucuzhañay (pronounced suh-KOO-shen-y’eye) and his brother in December 2008 because they were Hispanic and because the suspects believed the brothers were gay.

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