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Immigration of African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans

Immigration to America has been the dream of many people since the days of the Pilgrims.  While virtually all of the early immigration to America came from Europe and Africa (through slavery), the number of new immigrants from Asia, Central, and South America has increased dramatically.

Concerns about terrorism, over-population, and the cost of social services has led many Americans to slow down the flow of immigration - legal or illegal.  On the other hand, corporate America frequently complains about the lack of skilled labor and has been lobbying for increased limits on granting work Visas.

It is important for all African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans to understand immigration laws and regulations, and to let our elected politicians know that immigrants have always and will continue to contribute to the economic and cultural prosperity of our country.


Immigration News

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U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)

How can I become a U.S. citizen? (and other frequently asked questions about INS)

Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices (U.S. Department of Justice) - investigates and prosecutes employers charged with national origin and citizenship status discrimination, as well as document abuse and retaliation under the antidiscrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

Statistics, studies and analysis

Immigration statistics - Department of Homeland Security

Immigrant Success or Stagnation?:
Confronting the Claim of Latino Non-Advancement
- Immigration Policy Center

Minority-owned law firms specializing in immigration law

Ballecer & Segal - Phoenix, Arizona

Vakili & Leus - Los Angeles, California

Blackwell Igbanugo Engen & Saffold - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wong Fleming - Edison, New Jersey

Yumi Yamada Karim - New York City, New York

Goldman Antonetti & Cordova - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bose Law Firm - Crystal City, Virginia

Other links to legal assistance

American Immigration Lawyers Association - immigration lawyer referrals

FindLaw - referrals to attorneys.  Search under "immigration".

American Immigration Legal Foundation - foundation dedicated to increasing public understanding of immigration law and policy and the value of immigration to American society

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