Princess Tiana: Disney’s 1st African American Princess Stereotyped? (Post Chronicle)

Princess Tiana represents Disney’s first African American Princess. It was originally to be set in 1920s New Orleans and depicted a black maid named Maddy.

With the help of Maddy’s voodoo practicing fairy godmother, she would win the affection of a white prince after being rescued from another voodoo practictioner.This original story was allegedly sacked after criticism and complaints of racism and Maddy has now become Tiana, reports the Daily Voice. The movie’s title also reportedly changed, from The Frog Princess, the title of a classic fairytale, to the current The Princess and The Frog.

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2 Responses to “Princess Tiana: Disney’s 1st African American Princess Stereotyped? (Post Chronicle)”

  1. tiana says:

    i think tiana will be awsome because my name is tiana too! i cant wiat intell it comes out

  2. Tiana says:

    I am so excuited for this movie and i love the name tian aand i have never meat anyone else met that so :)

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