Minorities more likely to watch TV online

(Mediapost) While broadband penetration in general has lagged among Asian, African-American and Hispanic households, these groups are quickly catching up.

They tend, however, to over-index in consumption of multiplatform TV, including TV viewed online and via handheld devices, according to a new study from Horowitz Associates titled “Multiplatform Content and Services: Multicultural Edition.”

The Horowitz study, based on a survey of 1,000 broadband users across the entire United States with Internet at home, found that 48% of Asian broadband users watch TV content online, followed by Hispanic broadband users at 46% and African-American and white broadband users at 35% each.

Some 16% of Asians, 22% of Hispanics and 19% of black broadband users watch TV content on a handheld device.

Despite new technologies, traditional TV viewing dominates, as most respondents said they do most of their viewing with a TV set — even when occasionally accessing alternative platforms. Among respondents who said they sometimes watch video on an alternative platform, 70% of Asians, 75% of Hispanics, 74% of African-Americans, and 75% of whites remain loyal viewers of a traditional TV set.

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One Response to “Minorities more likely to watch TV online”

  1. adam smith says:

    If you mean Blacks, most of the ones I know watch B.E.T and that’s it unless there’s a game on, or maybe Yo MTV Raps.

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