Halle Berry: My daughter ‘is black’

(CTV News) Halle Berry considers her daughter to be “black”.

The Oscar-winning actress — who has a white mother and an African American father — doesn’t want to put any labels on Nahla but considers her child’s heritage to be African American, even though her father, French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, is Caucasian.

She said: “I’m not going to put a label on it. I had to decide for myself and that’s what she’s going to have to decide – how she identifies herself in the world.

“And I think, largely, that will be based on how the world identifies her. That’s how I identified myself. But I feel like she’s black.

“I feel like she’s black. I’m black and I’m her mother and I believe in the one-drop theory.”

The one drop theory refers to the controversial U.S. racial classification system which states that anyone with even “one drop” of black heritage should be classified as black.

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