Latinos angry about Jennifer Lopez divorce coverage

( Phoenix civil rights groups Chicanos Unidos Arizona, Take Back Aztlán, and Nuestros Reconquistos have spoken out about the coverage of the divorce between Latina beauty Jennifer Lopez and Latino singing superstar Marc Anthony.

“Jennifer Lopez is to the Latino community what Martin Luther King Jr. was to the Black community. She opened the doors for so many Latina actresses in this country. Magazines such as US Weekly and Entertainment Weekly have been mocking the divorce like it is some kind of joke.”

“When other superstars such as Madonna get a divorce, there seems to by some sympathy. However, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce is celebrated. There seems to be a racial double standard,” said Jorge Serrano of Take Back Aztlán.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had been married for seven years before making the announcement and have asked for privacy during this difficult time.

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