Barack Obama – nation’s first Hispanic American President

Yes, Barack Obama is America’s first Black President, and African Americans overwhelmingly voted for him. But this is nothing new. African Americans would have overwhelmingly voted for whoever the Democratic candidate was.

Obama received broad-based support from all of the traditionally Democrat-leaning groups. But where he really gained support was younger voters and Hispanics. Not that Hispanics weren’t already leaning Democratic in previous elections, but in this election they chose Obama over McCain by 67 to 31 percent.

Frankly I am surprised that Hispanics have not voted Democrat in similar proportions on a more regular basis. Democrats are generally more pro-immigration, pro-labor, pro-middle class, pro-diversity, and pro-social welfare programs. African Americans figured it out long ago, and typically support Democrats at a 2-1 ratio.

Hispanics are responsible for almost all of the population growth in the country over the past two censuses and this doesn’t appear to be likely to change anytime soon. This, coupled with higher voter participation and more Democratic voting tendencies does not bode well for the Republican party – or the American people.

One party rule is not necessarily a good thing if it leads to too much government and too much bureaucracy. What we need are choices. If the Democrats are too far left, and the Republicans too far right, how about a third party with moderate positions?

2 Responses to “Barack Obama – nation’s first Hispanic American President”

  1. BusinessX says:

    It is dangerous for any minority group to side with one party. Seems for many elections now, the Democratic Party took the African-American population for granted. That is, who else are they are going to vote for? Republicans? However, for those same elections the Hispanic population has been courted by both parties, with each side pulling out the chair. Should they go Democratic en masse, courtship of either side ceases.

  2. Lorenzo Barrios says:


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