Mid-term elections hinge on whether the African American vote shows up

(The State) Voters lined the streets in bad weather to vote in 2008, and many of the faces in those long lines waiting to punch a ballot were African-Americans.

If a large of percentage of those same voters show up to the polls in 19 days for an “off-year” election, pollsters and researchers say it could have a big impact on the results in Congress and state houses.

The fear, especially for Democrats, is that those same voters won’t show up. African-Americans are one of several demographic groups that could sway the Nov. 2 election by showing up in big numbers. Or, by staying home.

“We are concerned that people won’t turn out,” said Rep. Leon Howard, D-Columbia, asserting that some voters, black and white, who cast ballots in 2008 may this year be less enthusiastic because of high unemployment and other economic woes, such as home foreclosures and health care expenses.

“Your vote is power,” Howard said.

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