Diversity in Ohio? Governor apparently not into it.

(Cleveland Plain Dealer) Ohio Gov. John Kasich probably won’t be receiving an NAACP Image Award or favorable recognition from the National Urban League anytime soon.

Given that his administration recently issued a resolution honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the wrong date, Kasich probably shouldn’t expect a dinner date with King’s survivors, either.

But the lack of such social recognition isn’t likely to cause Kasich insomnia. Charges that he is culturally insensitive and fails to recognize racial diversity as a productive business model seem lost on him.

Ohio’s new governor has quickly positioned himself as a mule on a mission. The sooner the public figures this out, the sooner Ohio will recognize that it has just elected a reincarnated version of Jim Rhodes, except he seems to have a bigger ego.

When Kasich nearly finished filling his executive Cabinet earlier this month, not a single black, Latino or Asian was among those selected to manage the executive agencies of the state. His 22 appointments were exclusively white, and they were overwhelmingly middle-age men.

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One Response to “Diversity in Ohio? Governor apparently not into it.”

  1. Clara Simmons says:

    As a recent expatriot from Ohio, it is distressing to learn of the lack of concern about minorities by the newly elected Gov. Kasich, i.e. the absence of any minoriry appointments, issuing MLK proclamation for the wrong day, refusal to accept or send representatives to a national minority function in Ohio, etc. So sad.

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