Christine Lagarde puts debt crisis and IMF diversity at top of her to-do list

(The Guardian) The new head of the International Monetary Fund used her first press conference to pledge to make the institution more diverse and warn of the dangers of Europe's debt crisis spreading.

Christine Lagarde, who took office on Tuesday, avoided direct questions about the debt crisis in Greece. But she compared the situation in Europe to Lehman Brothers, the bank that collapsed at the start of the credit crisis meltdown. "It doesn't hurt to anticipate consequences of any of the measures being considered. I think we've been burned once, better be shy this time," she said.
Lagarde told journalists at the Washington news conference. "There are many issues that need to be addressed, those issues cannot wait for yet another summer holiday. You have the pressing immediate issues that have to do with sovereign debt … It's broader than just the eurozone."

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