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White and Hispanic teens more likely to abuse drugs than African-Americans

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

(Medicalxpress) A new analysis of teenage drug abuse finds widespread problems among whites, Native Americans, Hispanics and youngsters of multiple races, with less severe abuse among Asian and African-American teens.

Among kids who abuse drugs, marijuana is most heavily used, followed by and then alcohol. Prescription opioids such as have surpassed inhalants as a source for getting high.

The findings, reported Monday by scientists at Duke University and elsewhere, are published in the November issue of the journal .

"I think it will be surprising to some people what the numbers show," said Dan C. Blazer, M.D., PhD, in Duke's Department of Psychiatry and senior author on the study. "There's a significant burden of these disorders, and it's important to recognize that among teens using these substances, there's between a 10 percent and 26 percent chance of having a disorder."

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