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Cheerios stands by inter-racial family ad

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

(Detroit News) A mom sits at her kitchen table writing something down when her grade schooler saunters up with a big box of Cheerios.

“Mom,” says the girl. “Yes, honey?” mom responds. “Dad told me Cheerios is good for your heart. Is that true?”

Mom glances at the box, noting that it says the whole-grain oats inside are “heart healthy.”

Cut to dad napping on the living room couch. He stirs and starts to sit up, sending a pile of Cheerios on his upper chest (where his heart is) crunchily cascading to cushions and floor.

The message is in line with the company’s long-running Heart Healthy campaign, except this 30-second ad features a black dad, white mom and biracial child and produced enough vitriol on YouTube last week that Cheerios requested the comments section be turned off.

This week, the company is standing by the fictitious family, which reflects a black-white racial mix uncommon in commercials today, especially in ads on TV, at a time when interracial and interethnic couples are on the rise in real life.

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Google’s Online Ad Results Guilty Of Racial Profiling, According To New Study

Thursday, February 7th, 2013


(Huffington Post) Every job candidate lives in fear that a Google search could reveal incriminating indiscretions from a distant past. But a new study examining racial bias in the wording of online ads suggests that Google's advertising algorithms may be unfairly associating some individuals with wrongdoing they didn’t commit.

After learning that a Google search for her own name surfaced an ad for a background check service hinting that she’d been arrested, Harvard University professor Latanya Sweeney set out to investigate whether race shaped online ad results. She searched over 2,000 “racially associated names” to determine if names "previously identified by others as being assigned at birth to more black or white babies" turned up ad results that indicated a criminal record. Specifically, she focused on ads purchased by companies that provide background checks used by employers.

Sweeney concluded that so-called black-identifying names were significantly more likely to be accompanied by text suggesting that person had an arrest record, regardless of whether a criminal record existed or not.

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Is Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad racist?

Friday, February 1st, 2013


(MSN) This year's Super Bowl has revealed its first advertising controversy: a commercial from Volkswagen (VLKAY) that's coming under fire as racist.

The commercial features a white Minnesotan who suddenly starts speaking in a Jamaican accent, urging his dour co-workers to "Turn the frown the other way around." (To see the ad, click here.) The punch line? His happiness stems from his ride: a VW Beetle.

Some are finding the ad offensive, with New York Times columnist Charles Blow telling CNN, "It's like blackface with voices." Another CNN commentator said the spot reminded him of Jar Jar Binks, the maligned "Star Wars" character who was criticized as reflecting some racial stereotypes. 

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Marriott Launches Ad Campaign for Minority Business Travelers

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

(Hispanic Business) Marriott International Inc. today introduces its newest advertising campaign designed to showcase the breadth of its brands and welcome all frequent business travelers. The new "For You, We're Marriott" campaign focuses on African-American, Hispanic and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) business travelers and will run in both print and digital media through year's end. 

The ads champion frequent business travelers, who "conquer their missions on the road without forgetting the important things in life." They also illustrate that Marriott understands the needs of all business travelers and welcomes them, across the global portfolio of Marriott hotels. 

"We believe smart messaging resonates with our customers," says Joanna Todd, Vice President, Segment Strategy for Marriott. "In this latest multicultural marketing campaign, our intention is to celebrate frequent business travelers and recognize that their expectations are as diverse as they are. The campaign puts a human face on business travel, for the men and women who stay with us every night." 

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Anti-Immigrant Group Launches Racist Ad Campaign To Pit African-Americans Against Immigrants

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


(Think Progress) The anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA, which seeks to limit legal immigration, has put out a new, racist ad that tries to pit African Americans against immigrants. It features an African American man with his family explaining that he needs a job:

What I don’t understand is why our leaders are going to admit another million immigrant workers next year to take jobs when 3 million black Americans can’t find work. I mean, do our leaders really think black Americans don’t want to work? Let’s slow down mass immigration and save jobs for Americans — all Americans.

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Here Are All the Racial Stereotypes In Facebook’s Weird New ‘Chairs’ Ad

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

(Business Insider) The first clue that all might not be well with Facebook's new "Chairs are like Facebook" ad from ad agency Wieden + Kennedy is that on YouTube, the comments are turned off.


Advertisers do that when they think they might get a negative reaction from viewers.

The commercial — Facebook's first ever big TV campaign ad — is a lushly filmed existential inquest into the question of whether we are alone or together.

But it uses a lot of racial shorthand in order to represent exactly who "we" are. Unfortunately, that shorthand indicates that black people like to sit on junky furniture on the sidewalk, while white people lounge in richly furnished rooms and teach prestigious classes. Black people dance wildly, while white people do the Electric Slide. And so on.

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Black youths exposed to more alcohol advertising, study finds

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


(NBC News) African American youth culture is steeped in alcohol. References to booze have long been rife in rap music, and Jay Z, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Ludacris are among the hip-hop luminaries who have promoted alcohol.

new study puts some fresh data behind long-standing concerns about alcohol marketing to black kids. Young African Americans ages 12 to 20 see far more alcohol ads on television and in magazines than youths in general, according to the report published Thursday by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Researchers said two key factors are at play: Many alcohol ads specifically target African Americans and African American youth consume more media than youth overall. For example, African American youths watched 53 percent more television than youths in general in 2010, according to Nielsen data cited in the study.

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Spanish-language political advertising lagging

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

(Los Angeles Times) Wooing Hispanic voters was supposed to be a big component in this year's election, but according to a new study politicians are putting their money elsewhere.

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) said Spanish-language advertising is a small fraction of overall spending even in states with large Hispanic populations such as California and Florida.

"Political commentators from both sides of the aisle have said repeatedly that 2012 is 'The year of the Hispanic voter,'" said Javier Palomarez, USHCC president. “But while political advertising spending records are being shattered, neither political party is investing a comparable percentage of their advertising dollars to reach these voters."

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Complaints Grow As Hispanic Media Fails To Attract Political Advertising Dollars

Monday, August 20th, 2012


(Huffington Post) Just a month after Forbes Magazine recognized the Hispanic television market as "the next media jackpot," some are complaining that Hispanic media aren't getting a fair share of attention from the political realm.

Randy Falco, president and chief executive of the Spanish-language network Univision, sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates to complain about the lack of a debate tailored for Latino audiences. He asked for an additional debate to speak specifically to Hispanic voters and pitched Univision national news anchors Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas as moderators. The debate commission responded that it strongly believes its chosen moderators "see their assignment as representing all Americans in their choice of topics and questions."

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Hollywood Loves Gabby Douglas: Stars Congratulate the Olympics Historymaker

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

( There's nothing like the Olympics to remind us that stars really are just like us. Last night (August 2) firecracker US gymnast Gabby Douglas made history by being the first African American to win the Olympics all-around gold. Even the rich and famous took time to tweet about the girl who's stolen America's heart with her giant smile, big heart, and undeniable skill. 

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