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Black Boys at Risk for ‘Cutting’ Behavior?

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

(The Root) Research is poking holes in another stereotype, but this time the news is bad for African-American boys. A recent study has uncovered new data on young black males' susceptibility to engage in self-harming behavior, commonly called "cutting." Turns out that, contrary to conventional wisdom, it's not just for white girls.

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EEOC Guidance Highlights the Risks of Using Criminal History Checks in Hiring

Friday, May 11th, 2012


(Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog) According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC" or "Commission"), if current incarceration rates continue, 1 in 3 African-American men and 1 in 6 Hispanic men will be incarcerated during their lifetimes. The rate for white men is only 1 in 17. Given this disparity in incarceration rates, the EEOC has long been concerned that employer policies restricting hiring based on prior criminal convictions may unfairly deprive minorities of employment opportunities. In Enforcement Guidance issued on April 25, 2012, the EEOC outlined its approach for determining whether an employer's criminal history screening policies violate Title VII on the grounds of either "disparate treatment" or "disparate impact."

Disparate Treatment. Obviously, employers cannot hold applicants to tougher screening standards on the basis of their race or national origin. An employer that considers an applicant's prior criminal history during the hiring process must do so on a consistent, non-discriminatory basis. A disappointed minority applicant with a criminal history may be able to prove he was subject to unlawful discrimination by showing inconsistencies in the hiring process, derogatory statements regarding a particular class or evidence suggesting that certain protected classes are held to a stricter screening standard than other groups.

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Employment numbers slow to recover for African Americans

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


( Employment numbers slow to recover for African Americans-While it is no secret that America as a whole has been facing an economy slow to recover, the unemployment numbers for African American workers continue to be the highest in the nation at a staggering 13.6  percent.

Those numbers fell slightly in 2012 from 15.8 percent last year to 13.6. However, the percentage is still higher then any other ethnic group. Currently in the U.S a large number of African Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. As with most economic crisis, there are certain factors that influence income and job growth. A lack of educational qualifications is an important factor when it comes to minority job growth in higher paying careers. Higher education and retraining have become essential to survival in a tough job market.

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Why didn’t The Cosby Show herald a new age of black sitcoms?

Monday, May 7th, 2012


(The Guardian) Twenty years ago this week, the final episode of The Cosby Show aired. At its mid-80s peak, the sitcom spent four years as the most-watched programme in the US. But the lack of a televisual legacy for the show about the residents of 10 Stigwood Avenue, Brooklyn Heights, prompts the question: why didn't it pave the way for a new wave of African American sitcoms?

When it began in the autumn of 1984, The Cosby Show broke multiple TV moulds. The Huxtables were an African American family whose race and upper-middle-class socio-economic position weren't factors in thecomedy or the drama, but just facts of the narrative. Cliff was a gynaecologist, Clair was a high-powered lawyer and their eldest child, Sondra, was at Princeton – but the thrust of the show didn't hinge on these elements; it was about the normality of their day-to-day lives.

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Fired for student debt, woman challenges TransUnion

Friday, May 4th, 2012


(People's Choice) Got debt? Beware! Your employer may fire you for it.

That's what happened to Latoya Horton at Bain & Co., according to a widely circulated petition at

Horton said she took out student loans - like millions of other Americans - to get an accounting degree. She got a temporary job with Bain & Co., and they offered her a permanent one after six months.

Just weeks after starting the permanent position, the corporation fired her. Why? Because her debt-to-credit ratio was too high!

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Poor Black Youths Targeted by Tobacco Ads

Monday, April 30th, 2012

(The Root) Poor black youths targeted by tobacco ads: U-T San Diego reports that tobacco marketing is targeting California's low-income and African-American youths, according to researchers who examined advertising throughout the state. Academic researchers funded by the state's Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program found that there was greater visibility of menthol-cigarette advertising at retailers near high schools where there are larger African-American student populations.

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NHL fans let loose with racist comments after loss

Saturday, April 28th, 2012


It had all the makings of a feel-good hockey moment – except the guy who scored the goal was black.

Soon after Joel Ward eliminated the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins on Wednesday with a Game 7 overtime goal for the Washington Capitals, Twitter erupted in a shower of n-words and other racial insults.

"Go play basketball, hockey is a white sport," ''4th line black trash" and "white power" were some of the nicer phrases tweeted by angry Boston fans. One said that the fact that a black player scored "makes this loss hurt a lot more."

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Black writer warns of probable aftermath if Zimmerman acquitted Continue reading on Black writer warns of probable aftermath if Zimmerman acquitted

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012


( Statistics show a deep divide in opinions along racial lines regarding the killing of a black Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, by George Zimmerman, who is of mixed ethnicity, white and Hispanic.

Zimmerman has claimed self-defense, invoking the Sunshine State’s “Stand Your Ground” law which has also come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the incident.

Reuters news service reported last week, 91% of blacks believe Martin was unjustly killed, while only 35% of whites concurred. Hispanics were in between at 59% according to polling numbers Reuters gathered by querying nearly 2,000 Americans.

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Same-ethnicity mentors boost students’ commitment to STEM careers

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Youths from African American, Native American, and Latino backgrounds are underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (known as STEM subjects). Although having a mentor of the same ethnicity is widely seen as one way to engage these youths in STEM subjects, no study has asked these young people if they consider having a mentor who shares their background to be important. Now a new study of African American and Latino youths has found that having a "matched" mentor does matter, but only if having such a mentor is considered important by the adolescent.

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Tulsa man charged with hate crime says he’s not racist

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012


(Los Angeles Times) One of two suspects charged with murder and hate crimes on allegations of shooting five black Tulsa residents, three fatally, insists in a newly released jail video that he’s not racist, as does his mother.

Jacob England, 19, appears in the video wearing a black-and-white-striped jail uniform, standing in a stark room, his hair shaved on the sides into what looks like a Mohawk. He talks about growing up in North Tulsa, home to a large African American community, saying he had friends of various races.

"I always got along with everybody," England says in the video, which his lawyer told The Times was recorded at Tulsa Jail by his defense team Friday morning. "It didn't matter what color he was."

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