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African American And Latino Clergy On Obama’s Gay Marriage Support

Thursday, May 17th, 2012


(Huffington Post) Barack Obama's endorsement of gay marriage triggered a storm of reactions from LGBT, religious and political leaders.

African American Latino Gay Marriage

Many Jewish groups including the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism came out in support of Obama, as did a number of Christian groups.

But not everyone was happy. Joel Hunter, one of the President's spiritual advisors, expressed disappointment about Obama's decision. Timothy Cardinal Dolan of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops said that Obama's remarks were "deeply saddening."

A number of African American and Latino clergy have come out strongly in support of Obama's statement. While groups like National Organization for Marriageemphasize divisions between the black and gay communities, it is often overlooked that many identify as both African-American or Latino and LGBT.

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Increasing diversity redefining America’s Jewry

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

(CNN) "But you don’t look Jewish," Jen Chau remembers being told often as a child.

But then again, what is a Jew supposed to look like? The usual implication in those words was that it was not supposed to look like Chau, who was raised Jewish by her European-American mother and Chinese father.

"I still think society's idea of a Jew is someone who looks like Jerry Seinfeld or Woody Allen," said Chau, 34. "They don’t look at someone like me and think, 'Oh, she could be Jewish.'"

But the face of Judaism in America is changing, as the community becomes more diverse through intermarriage, adoption, immigration and conversion.

The nonprofit group Be'chol Lashon – the name means "in every tongue" in Hebrew – is trying to foster an expanded definition of Jewishness, one that includes the diverse backgrounds of Jews around the globe.

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Hispanic leaders boost Latino-Jewish ties

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

(Ynetnews) A delegation of 12 high-level Hispanic American leaders, including former US Treasurer Anna Cabral, former NY Secretary of State Lorraine Cortes Vazquez and TV and radio personalities, are participating in a seminar in Israel from November 7-13 under the auspices of Project Interchange, an institute of the AJC, with the support of AJC's Latino and Latin American Institute.

The group of national Hispanic leaders from diverse professional spheres and backgrounds are focusing on issues that resonate strongly in the Latino historical and contemporary experience such as immigration and integration; the status of minorities, Diaspora-Homeland relations and inter-faith dialogue. Participants will tour the country with visits to the Hodayot Youth Village, an educational center for at-risk children, including immigrants, and Babcom Centers, a communications service provider staffed and managed by Arabs and Jews together, serving as a model for Jewish-Arab coexistence.

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