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Spider-Man spins web of racial diversity

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

(People's World) When it comes to comic books, the times are changing for the better. As revealed in issue four of Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Fallout, the alter ego of the new Spider-Man in their fictional “Ultimate” universe will be that of Miles Morales, who is half-Black, half-Hispanic.

As any comic fan knows, the traditional identity of Spider-Man has always been Caucasian photographer Peter Parker. Marvel then created the “Ultimate” universe, which is essentially an alternate reality of heroes. In this world, Parker’s tale was retold in Ultimate Spider-Man, with notable differences. But in June, Parker was controversially killed in issue 160.

Enter Morales, the origin of whom will be revealed in the first issue of a new volume of Ultimate Spider-Man in September.

The well-known lesson Spider-Man always offered (“with great power, comes great responsibility”) “will be the same,” said writer Brian Michael Bendis, in a report by USA Today. Morales is “going to learn that. Then he has to figure out what that means.

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