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President Obama nominates first Asian American Chief of Staff

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

(AsianWeek) President Obama recently nominated Senior Adviser to the President Pete Rouse to be his next Chief of Staff. In doing so, Rouse becomes the first person of Asian American heritage to hold the position.

Rouse, whose maternal grandfather emigrated from Tokyo to San Francisco in 1885, is of partial Japanese American heritage. He, along with Valerie Jarret and Daniel Axlerod, were nominated by President Obama to be his Senior Advisers upon Obama’s inauguration.

Rouse will succeed former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, who stepped down from the position in order to pursue a campaign to run for the Mayor of his native Chicago.

Deemed by many members of the press as the “Second-Most Powerful Position in Washington,” the Chief of Staff will oversee duties such as managing the President’s schedule, determining Presidential meetings, and overseeing the actions of the White House staff.

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