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Why Black People Don’t Care About Royalty

Monday, May 13th, 2013


(The Root) — It's rarely a good idea to make a sweeping racial generalization — ever. But I'm taking a risk and making one now: Most black Americans don't care about royalty. To be more specific, most don't care about the British royal family — from Queen Elizabeth to Kate Middleton, and certainly not the visiting Prince Harry — that the rest of America seems obsessed with.

Now, before someone sends me an email, Facebook message or tweet to say, "But I care about the British royal family, Keli," let me say this: I'm not saying there is not a single black person who cares about them. I'm saying I've never met that person, and in all of the black people I have met in my life, I have never met another black person who has met that person.

Need proof besides my word? Take a look at this photo of female Capitol Hill staffers waiting to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry during his visit to the United States this week. Do you see any black women? Because I don't. (I realize that racial identity is a complex subject, so I apologize in advance to anyone in the photo who identifies as black.)

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