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Ann Coulter And Bill Maher Duke It Out Over Racism, Obama, And Romney Flip-Flopping

Monday, October 15th, 2012


(Mediaite) Ann Coulter sat down with Bill Maher tonight for a lengthy conversation that touched on everything from racism in America to how much Mitt Romneyflip-flops. Coulter contended that “real racism,” for the most part, no longer exists in the United States. Maher challenged her on how she could think that actual racism is gone and has been replaced by liberal racial demagoguery.

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Coulter mockingly asked where all the racists are that liberals keep talking about. Maher brought up a 2008 poll finding in one swing state that a surprising number of Americans are not ready for a black president, and asked Coulter how she could possibly believe that racism is mostly gone. She pointed to polls that found many Americans are not ready for a Mormon president either.

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Diversity Roundup: Is the U.S. Race Relations Problem Solved?

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

(National Journal) Is the U.S. Race Relations Problem Solved? As the first black president, Obama’s election in 2008 was hailed by many as a new era in the U.S. where race relations would be faced head on, theAssociated Press reports. But the varying viewpoints from several Americans and experts show just how divided the nation remains over the issue.

The (Limited) American Dream: For many Latinos, owning a home is an extremely important event, mostly because it’s equated with achieving the American dream, writes Jennifer Korn, executive director of the Hispanic Leadership Network, for Fox News Latino. But with an 11 percent unemployment rate for Hispanics and the limited scope of President Obama’s foreclosure aid programs, Hispanics are struggling to realize their dreams, Korn argues.

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