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Stanford law professor argues black women should cross race barrier for marriage partners

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

(San Jose Mercury News) Black women are getting to the best universities, strongest corporations and top ranks of government offices.

But not to the altar.

A provocative new book by Stanford law professor Ralph Richard Banks examines why black women are so unlikely to marry — and proposes a solution that is arousing controversy in the African-American community: Cross the color line.

"Don't marry down. Marry out," says Banks in his campus office, busy with phone calls, emails and preparation for the new semester. The shared experience that once bound blacks together — segregation — is gone, he asserts. "So it all coalesces around this …: whether black women will continue to be held hostage to the failings of black men."

Particularly in California, where only 6.2 percent of the population is black, "conditions are very conducive to interracial relationships," he says. "African-Americans are a very small group here. And everyone's moved away from home, so they're more likely to form nontraditional bonds."

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