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Hollister Models Racist, Offensive Actions Lead To Firing

Sunday, September 16th, 2012


(The Inquisitr) Hollister, a surfer brand clothing line, flew in a group of buff, male, shirtless, American-appearing models dressed as lifeguards for a new store opening in Yeouido, South Korea, but not all the photos the models took left a good impression.


Yahoo! Shine reports that one model had a photo taken in front of a local tourist attraction making “slanty eyes,” which was bad enough, but the model exacerbated the offense when a Twitter user commented that many Asians liked the photo by saying, “Hahahaha they ruhhvvvv ittt!”

Another model was photographed discreetly giving the middle finger to the camera while posing with customers. Hollister has apologized for the models’ behaviors and said those involved have been fired.

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Hollister Models Mock Asians At Opening Of South Korea Store

Thursday, September 13th, 2012



(Huffington Post) It looks like Hollister has a new problem on its hands. And, no, it's not another case of bed bugs or people getting lost in their dimly lit stores. This time, the mass retailer is facing racial discrimination accusations from their recently opened South Korea outpost.

For the grand opening of the first Hollister store in Korea in Yeouido, models dressed as lifeguards were flown in to take photos with customers — you know, the same drill we get stateside. Something we don't see during the store openings here in the states? Models flipping their middle finger and mocking the customers. Lee Hyung-Judescribed the offensive actions on the English Korean news site koreaBANG:

"Images of models making 'squinty eyes' faces, flipping their middle finger to photographers, and mocking Asian pronunciation of English appeared on their Twitter accounts."

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