White Men Still Better Off Than #Asian Americans in U.S. Labor Market

(Huffington Post) The blog 8asians recently posted an article stating that Asian men have the highest salary. This statement is both correct and misleading at the same time. It is correct that Asian American men have the highest median wage. But to the extent that it suggests that Asian Americans are economically advantaged relative to whites, it is incorrect.

As I pointed out in my examination of Asian American unemployment over the recession, Asian Americans experience hidden disadvantages in the U.S. labor market. To see this disadvantage, one must disaggregate the data by education level. The Asian American unemployment disadvantage appears upon examining those with a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education. In 2009, the annual unemployment rate for Asian Americans with a bachelor’s degree was 6.7 percent. For whites with a bachelor’s degree is was 2.1 percentage points lower at 4.6 percent.

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